Sunday 21 October 2012

Respect the Circle

The nature of Life on Mother Earth is cyclical. The cycle starts with the energy of creation and growth and then turns around to fall and disintegrate the old structures to make space for new creation in the next cycle. The moment our souls accepted to incarnate into a human body we have signed a pact with Mother Earth, out of whom our fragile human bodies are made, to honour and support her nature.

In millennia of the male predominance on this planet a very different way of Being was imposed - instead of a circle we have an infinite line. None the less the true nature of this planet with its cycle of creation and destruction has always found a way through. What's more - the more it was constrained the greater the seeming disaster it created once it manifested itself through the imposed male linear way.

Of course there was a purpose in the introduction of the linear way. It was necessary to integrate it into the cyclical nature of this planet. The focus on one goal when working within the cyclical way of this planet can bring amazing results.  It was however never meant to replace the cycle yet this is exactly what most male-linear-thought-dominated societies have attempted to do only to find their feebly constructed worlds crumbling to pieces around them. Why is the whole economic structure of most of our world failing? Because it is built on the premise of infinite growth. It can only work if infinite growth is enabled but that will never be possible on this planet where the cycle is the rule and the purpose of existence.

Respect the circle! And above all respect the downward, disintegrating nature of the circle and you will find the perfect formula of success on all levels of existence - the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.

Monday 23 July 2012

Field of Stars - between the Angels and the Stars

Field of Stars (Compostela = Campo de estrellas)
Santiago de Compostela, July 2012

I didn't do the Camino when I came to Santiago but I was a pilgrim none the less. I did not expect the profound effect this visit would have on me when I arrived. Thousands upon thousands of pilgrim souls making this journey throughout centuries has blessed this place and made it holy beyond my expectations. All who enter are blessed whether they know it or not.

The legend says the stars and the angels guided
the one who found Santiago's tomb...

I have made this pilgrimage before, many times, countless times. Always with a painful longing in the Heart, always crying for my celestial Home.

In the heart of the cathedral Golden Light, royalty of divine Strength and Might, shines through in a majestic Column of Light solemnly whispering 'sacred, sacred, sacred' when approached. Voices of angels singing the Golden Light. Holly warrior. So much pain, suffering, fear woven through time into pilgrim's steps. Thousands of feet and thousands of hearts clamouring in pain, tears eroding the ground. Pilgrims crying form the depths, de profundis domine, for their divine Home, bereft orphans stumbling into the Holy Presence of the Sacredness of Being. Hearts bleeding, crying, aeons of pain binding all the pilgrim Hearts.

It's time. I let go, I release. I call upon the Armies of Angels to lay down their armour and their swords and to bring all this pain into the divine, blinding Presence of the Beloved to shine through and through until nothing is left but pure Heart, a pure shining Star. On behalf of all humanity - a Blessing of Love/Agape.


Thursday 5 April 2012

The Vision – Gaia/Eternal Light Healing beyond 2012

Hard to put into words but important to focus and crystalize before it can be set into action and manifested. What is my vision as a Gaia teacher? It’s an important question and the answer took a while to become clear. In fact I feel like I am holding a magical seed within my Heart that has only begun to sprout. It’s dark but the seed is glowing in a blinding flood of Light.

Working with Gaia energies is such an amazing and profound blessing. In the last eight years it has thought me how to set aside my petty little thoughts and limitations of my personality and work with a Power far greater and all encompassing than I ever thought possible. When I work with these gentle yet powerful energies I feel connected to the Source, the Great Mystery and I am humbly stepping aside to let the miracles happen. I have witnessed amazing inner transformations in myself and others while doing this healing work. It is a powerful tool for personal growth and evolution of the Soul.

But I feel now in this auspicious year it is time to step forward and grow beyond just transmutation of our personal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual limitations. It’s time to work with Gaia on a higher level, a level that transcends the personal and works with the great Balance of the whole. Personal growth should still be the root, the basis of everything we do but we should learn to hold a greater vision – one of cooperation with the healing power of Mother Earth, Gaia. We, as spiritually awakened beings, are the creators and the guardians of the great Balance of our amazing, fragile world.

My vision is one of a gathering of committed, heart-centred Gaia healers who are prepared to actively participate not only in transcending personal obstacles to their spiritual growth but also in becoming a healing force connecting to Mother Earth trough the intuitive link of our souls and bringing healing and balance where it is needed even or perhaps especially at sacred sites such as Glastonbury or Stonehenge. Before the modern age of science balance was sustained and nurtured by specially trained priestesses, priests or shamans. We need to reinstate this practice but perhaps on a different level with a deeper degree of cooperation with Mother Earth.

The seed of my Vision can grow now that it has seen the light of day.

Thursday 2 February 2012

Language of the Soul of the World

I've just started reading Michael Ende's Momo again. It's a very moving story and it always manages to touch a deep string right at my core. I was surprised at how one sentence at the very beginning of the book nearly brought tears to my eyes. Momo could listen in a way not many can - deep into the Soul of people, animals, plants, wind and stars. For some reason this resonates with me most profoundly at the moment.

All beings and all in creation vibrates with inherent music - almost as if all were made of Sound. It all sounds and speaks and there is an infinite number of connections between all the sounds that ring through the world. It's the language of the Soul of the World - the Anima Mundi. Through this Language anything and everything can be understood and anything is possible. It's almost like seeing through the World, through the great Illusion we are all willing participants of.

Hear and understand all the Sounds and the connections between them around a being or a thing and you will know them in a way that goes beyond our humanly limited reason and beyond the feelings and emotions that help us make sense of the world. Listen.

Monday 28 November 2011

Neptune returns home

The planet Neptune, the great initiator into mystical realms, is about to return home into the sign of Pisces in February of the next year, which I feel is a significant event. This will bring unprecedented opportunities to experience the mystical world so far hidden behind a thin veil. It is a chance of a lifetime as Neptune is one of those slow moving planets that takes about 160 years to complete its orbit so the last time Neptune came back home was in the mid-19th century. We are indeed blessed to be alive at a time when it’s happening again

I believe the energy of Neptune in Pisces will bring a great spiritual awakening en mass for humanity far beyond what we were seeing so far. Hearts and Souls will open and Love will reign but there is a catch. Neptune’s power is beyond our small personalities, beyond all our small worries, fears and insecurities and can be a truly destructive force if we are emotionally and mentally imbalanced in any way. For Neptune there is only Oneness. There is no Other, no polarities – all is One. This is a powerful impulse coming from the depths of the spiritual reality of who we are or maybe more accurately of what we are.

Now more than ever it’s extremely important to build on solid ground. To be completely honest with ourselves about all our petty emotions of jealousy, low self-worth or self-loathing and above all - all our fears which are at the root of all our imbalances and delusions. If we can recognise and own all that our personalities are or seem to be, then develop infinite compassion and unconditional love for all of it we can begin to heal and with healing start building on solid ground. Being fully present in our physical bodies, aware and focused in here and now is also essential as is the ability of discernment. It has to become really crystal clear to us where our boundaries are – what OUR SPACE is.

Neptune will show no mercy for its nature is to dissolve all boundaries – all is ONE for him. No distinctions. We can only withstand his onslaught if we are clear and firmly in our own emotional, mental and spiritual space with a very firm grounding in the physical aspect of our being as well. If we are lacking in any of these Neptune will blind us and confuse us, make us think white is black and black is white. He will delude us and drive us out of our mind. We won’t be able to experience and accept the splendid mystical Gift he is bringing - the greater connection with the higher realms, the spiritual reality of our Being.  

Sunday 6 November 2011

Gift of the Goddess

5th November 2011,  Inspired at the Goddess Temple, Glastonbury

Star child, star child sleeping in my Heart with bright eyes looking into spirals of stars.
Dreaming, walking in hearts of stars.
Flying, circling in warm darkness of space.
Talking, singing in languages without words.
Swinging, dancing in the showers of shooting stars.
Growing, flowing in sparkling rivers meandering through hearts of ancient woods.
Waking, rising slowly slowly lifting your beautiful shining head, sending sparks of rainbow light towards the skies as you unfold your sacred petals.
Morning shining in your eyes and heart.
Whispering softly softly into spiralling shells.
Here, now, awake, full and complete breathing through the soles of your feet.
Hope and joy walking in your wake.

Friday 28 October 2011

Silver lake

Today is a silver day full of splendour and there is Beauty in front and behind, below and above, and all around. All the world is beautiful.

So imagine today that you are on a bottom of a deep silver lake. Breathing under water through your skin. There are water plants waving and fish swimming around you. The lake is teaming with Life and you are Life. And Life is whispering in your Heart. As you take in your breath Life/Light fills you. Every new breath brings more Light until all that you are transforms into Light. Pulsing Light in the Heart of a silver lake shining brighter than the stars in the skies.