Sunday, 21 October 2012

Respect the Circle

The nature of Life on Mother Earth is cyclical. The cycle starts with the energy of creation and growth and then turns around to fall and disintegrate the old structures to make space for new creation in the next cycle. The moment our souls accepted to incarnate into a human body we have signed a pact with Mother Earth, out of whom our fragile human bodies are made, to honour and support her nature.

In millennia of the male predominance on this planet a very different way of Being was imposed - instead of a circle we have an infinite line. None the less the true nature of this planet with its cycle of creation and destruction has always found a way through. What's more - the more it was constrained the greater the seeming disaster it created once it manifested itself through the imposed male linear way.

Of course there was a purpose in the introduction of the linear way. It was necessary to integrate it into the cyclical nature of this planet. The focus on one goal when working within the cyclical way of this planet can bring amazing results.  It was however never meant to replace the cycle yet this is exactly what most male-linear-thought-dominated societies have attempted to do only to find their feebly constructed worlds crumbling to pieces around them. Why is the whole economic structure of most of our world failing? Because it is built on the premise of infinite growth. It can only work if infinite growth is enabled but that will never be possible on this planet where the cycle is the rule and the purpose of existence.

Respect the circle! And above all respect the downward, disintegrating nature of the circle and you will find the perfect formula of success on all levels of existence - the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.

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