Monday, 23 July 2012

Field of Stars - between the Angels and the Stars

Field of Stars (Compostela = Campo de estrellas)
Santiago de Compostela, July 2012

I didn't do the Camino when I came to Santiago but I was a pilgrim none the less. I did not expect the profound effect this visit would have on me when I arrived. Thousands upon thousands of pilgrim souls making this journey throughout centuries has blessed this place and made it holy beyond my expectations. All who enter are blessed whether they know it or not.

The legend says the stars and the angels guided
the one who found Santiago's tomb...

I have made this pilgrimage before, many times, countless times. Always with a painful longing in the Heart, always crying for my celestial Home.

In the heart of the cathedral Golden Light, royalty of divine Strength and Might, shines through in a majestic Column of Light solemnly whispering 'sacred, sacred, sacred' when approached. Voices of angels singing the Golden Light. Holly warrior. So much pain, suffering, fear woven through time into pilgrim's steps. Thousands of feet and thousands of hearts clamouring in pain, tears eroding the ground. Pilgrims crying form the depths, de profundis domine, for their divine Home, bereft orphans stumbling into the Holy Presence of the Sacredness of Being. Hearts bleeding, crying, aeons of pain binding all the pilgrim Hearts.

It's time. I let go, I release. I call upon the Armies of Angels to lay down their armour and their swords and to bring all this pain into the divine, blinding Presence of the Beloved to shine through and through until nothing is left but pure Heart, a pure shining Star. On behalf of all humanity - a Blessing of Love/Agape.


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