Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Vision – Gaia/Eternal Light Healing beyond 2012

Hard to put into words but important to focus and crystalize before it can be set into action and manifested. What is my vision as a Gaia teacher? It’s an important question and the answer took a while to become clear. In fact I feel like I am holding a magical seed within my Heart that has only begun to sprout. It’s dark but the seed is glowing in a blinding flood of Light.

Working with Gaia energies is such an amazing and profound blessing. In the last eight years it has thought me how to set aside my petty little thoughts and limitations of my personality and work with a Power far greater and all encompassing than I ever thought possible. When I work with these gentle yet powerful energies I feel connected to the Source, the Great Mystery and I am humbly stepping aside to let the miracles happen. I have witnessed amazing inner transformations in myself and others while doing this healing work. It is a powerful tool for personal growth and evolution of the Soul.

But I feel now in this auspicious year it is time to step forward and grow beyond just transmutation of our personal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual limitations. It’s time to work with Gaia on a higher level, a level that transcends the personal and works with the great Balance of the whole. Personal growth should still be the root, the basis of everything we do but we should learn to hold a greater vision – one of cooperation with the healing power of Mother Earth, Gaia. We, as spiritually awakened beings, are the creators and the guardians of the great Balance of our amazing, fragile world.

My vision is one of a gathering of committed, heart-centred Gaia healers who are prepared to actively participate not only in transcending personal obstacles to their spiritual growth but also in becoming a healing force connecting to Mother Earth trough the intuitive link of our souls and bringing healing and balance where it is needed even or perhaps especially at sacred sites such as Glastonbury or Stonehenge. Before the modern age of science balance was sustained and nurtured by specially trained priestesses, priests or shamans. We need to reinstate this practice but perhaps on a different level with a deeper degree of cooperation with Mother Earth.

The seed of my Vision can grow now that it has seen the light of day.

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