Thursday, 2 February 2012

Language of the Soul of the World

I've just started reading Michael Ende's Momo again. It's a very moving story and it always manages to touch a deep string right at my core. I was surprised at how one sentence at the very beginning of the book nearly brought tears to my eyes. Momo could listen in a way not many can - deep into the Soul of people, animals, plants, wind and stars. For some reason this resonates with me most profoundly at the moment.

All beings and all in creation vibrates with inherent music - almost as if all were made of Sound. It all sounds and speaks and there is an infinite number of connections between all the sounds that ring through the world. It's the language of the Soul of the World - the Anima Mundi. Through this Language anything and everything can be understood and anything is possible. It's almost like seeing through the World, through the great Illusion we are all willing participants of.

Hear and understand all the Sounds and the connections between them around a being or a thing and you will know them in a way that goes beyond our humanly limited reason and beyond the feelings and emotions that help us make sense of the world. Listen.

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