Monday, 28 November 2011

Neptune returns home

The planet Neptune, the great initiator into mystical realms, is about to return home into the sign of Pisces in February of the next year, which I feel is a significant event. This will bring unprecedented opportunities to experience the mystical world so far hidden behind a thin veil. It is a chance of a lifetime as Neptune is one of those slow moving planets that takes about 160 years to complete its orbit so the last time Neptune came back home was in the mid-19th century. We are indeed blessed to be alive at a time when it’s happening again

I believe the energy of Neptune in Pisces will bring a great spiritual awakening en mass for humanity far beyond what we were seeing so far. Hearts and Souls will open and Love will reign but there is a catch. Neptune’s power is beyond our small personalities, beyond all our small worries, fears and insecurities and can be a truly destructive force if we are emotionally and mentally imbalanced in any way. For Neptune there is only Oneness. There is no Other, no polarities – all is One. This is a powerful impulse coming from the depths of the spiritual reality of who we are or maybe more accurately of what we are.

Now more than ever it’s extremely important to build on solid ground. To be completely honest with ourselves about all our petty emotions of jealousy, low self-worth or self-loathing and above all - all our fears which are at the root of all our imbalances and delusions. If we can recognise and own all that our personalities are or seem to be, then develop infinite compassion and unconditional love for all of it we can begin to heal and with healing start building on solid ground. Being fully present in our physical bodies, aware and focused in here and now is also essential as is the ability of discernment. It has to become really crystal clear to us where our boundaries are – what OUR SPACE is.

Neptune will show no mercy for its nature is to dissolve all boundaries – all is ONE for him. No distinctions. We can only withstand his onslaught if we are clear and firmly in our own emotional, mental and spiritual space with a very firm grounding in the physical aspect of our being as well. If we are lacking in any of these Neptune will blind us and confuse us, make us think white is black and black is white. He will delude us and drive us out of our mind. We won’t be able to experience and accept the splendid mystical Gift he is bringing - the greater connection with the higher realms, the spiritual reality of our Being.  

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