Sunday, 6 November 2011

Gift of the Goddess

5th November 2011,  Inspired at the Goddess Temple, Glastonbury

Star child, star child sleeping in my Heart with bright eyes looking into spirals of stars.
Dreaming, walking in hearts of stars.
Flying, circling in warm darkness of space.
Talking, singing in languages without words.
Swinging, dancing in the showers of shooting stars.
Growing, flowing in sparkling rivers meandering through hearts of ancient woods.
Waking, rising slowly slowly lifting your beautiful shining head, sending sparks of rainbow light towards the skies as you unfold your sacred petals.
Morning shining in your eyes and heart.
Whispering softly softly into spiralling shells.
Here, now, awake, full and complete breathing through the soles of your feet.
Hope and joy walking in your wake.

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